双色球走势图最近17500期the department of materials science and engineering offers two academic minor programs: the minor in materials science and engineering, and the minor in archaeology and materials.

Minor in Materials Science and Engineering

the minor in materials science and engineering consists of six undergraduate subjects totaling at least 72 units from the list of required subjects and restricted electives in the departmental program, with at least one of these taken from the list of restricted electives. with the approval of the minor advisor, it may be possible to substitute one subject taken outside the department for one of the course 3 subjects in the minor program, provided that the coverage of the substituted subject is similar to one of those in the departmental program.

双色球走势图最近17500期the department's minor advisor will ensure that individual minor programs form a coherent group of subjects. because of the breadth of the undergraduate program in the department, and the variety of possibilities for specialization, the minor program is flexible in its composition. examples of minor programs in materials science and engineering, with specializations in the areas of biomaterials, ceramics, electronic materials, metallurgy, and polymers, can be obtained from the department. other suitable programs may be composed through consultation between students and the undergraduate committee.

Minor in Archaeology and Materials

双色球走势图最近17500期the minor in archaeology and materials consists of five required subjects and a single elective.

Required Subjects

3.012 Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering  
3.014 Materials Laboratory  
3.022 Microstructural Evolution in Materials  
3.985J Archaeological Science  
3.986 The Human Past: Introduction to Archaeology

Elective Subjects

Choose one of the following
3.981 Communities of the Living and the Dead: the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt  
3.982 The Ancient Andean World  
3.983 Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization  
3.987 Human Evolution: Data from Palaeontology, Archaeology, and Materials Science  
3.990 Seminar in Archaeological Method and Theory
3.990 Archaeology of the Middle East

with the approval of the minor advisor, students may substitute one subject taken outside the course 3 program, provided the coverage is equivalent. the 3-c minor advisor, dr. max price, will ensure that the minor program forms a coherent group of subjects.


Application Procedure

students interested in applying for a minor in the department should complete the registrar's form for a . students need to fill out this form by the end of the sophomore year, but no later than add date one full term before the term of applying for the s.b. degree.