HASS Concentration in Archaeology and Archaeological Science 

the hass concentration in archaeology and archaeological science provides concentrators with a basic knowledge of the field of archaeology, the systematic study of the human past. students pursuing the sb in 3-c may not also concentrate in this area. the archaeology and archaeological science concentration consists of four subjects:

Required Subjects  
The Human Past: Introduction to Archaeology 12
Archaeological Science 9
Select two other HASS electives from among the following: 18-21

Materials in Human Experience  

The Ancient Andean World  

Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization  

Human Evolution: Data from Palaeontology, Archaeology, and Materials Science  

Archaeology of the Middle East  
Total Units 39-42

the department does not seek abet accreditation for the 3-c program. students may contact dr. max price (maxprice@mieik.icu) for more information.