Financial Support

双色球走势图最近17500期students may find support for their studies in the department either from personal sources, outside fellowship programs (such as government fellowships, sponsorship by a private company or from abroad for international students), special programs, or from the department. support from the department can take three forms: a research assistantship (ra), a teaching assistantship (ta), or a departmental fellowship. the department strives to offer financial aid for the first academic year to all regular first-year graduate students. support for succeeding years is generally available but not guaranteed.

双色球走势图最近17500期students entering with fellowship awards which are less than the pre-generals research assistantships are eligible for partial awards, which bring them up to the ra level.

persons holding graduate student staff appointments, as research or teaching assistants must be regular full-time students registered for an advanced degree.

双色球走势图最近17500期the department uses great care in the admissions process to match the number of admitted students to the total number of expected assistantships and fellowships. thus, it is hoped that all students who are admitted will find some form of support, either from an outside fellowship, a sponsoring company, a research assistantship, a teaching assistantship or a dmse or mit fellowship; however, the department cannot guarantee that support will be available.

双色球走势图最近17500期financial support situations vary; students are urged to read their admissions letters carefully and contact the dmse academic office with specific questions.

Other Sources of Financial Aid

for further information concerning financial assistance, refer to the or the oge (room 3-138).